The OVF-3000 is a Portable light weight, over the shoulder portable heated FID analyzer to continuously measure the total concentration of hydrocarbons within a gaseous sample. This can be ambient air, exhaust gases from a combustion process like stack gas emissions, from any type of an industrial vent, from an internal combustion engine, or from any other emission containing hydrocarbons. The standard OVF-3000 is equipped with a modern low pressure metal hydrid fuel storage system which is good for continuous operation for 50 hours. This fuel Storage can be safely refilled by the user from a low pressure H2 source.

By measurement results the OVF-3000 fully complies with EN 12619.2013, QAL 1 (EN 14 181 and EN ISO 14956), and with USA EPA Method 25A and Method 503. It is ideally suited to be used for temporary monitoring all stack emissions.


  • Light weight, internal fuel storage, easy to operate
  • Made in Germany
  • All critical components including pumps, sample filters, detectors and main electronics manufactured in house
  • Fully heated to 180 degree C
  • Typical sensitivity 0.01 ppm CH4
  • 6-digit engineering unit (ppm) reads up to 3 decade ranges without range change
  • Internal sample pump and air pump
  • 50 liter metal hydrid low pressure fuel storage cartridge, good for 45 to 50 hours of uninterrupted measurements
  • Very low fuel consumption (less than 20 cc/min @ 100% H2)
  • Internal combustion air supply (No external air cylinder needed)
  • Disposable sample filter in front panel
  • Automatic flame out alarm contact and fuel shut off
  • Sample pressure regulator not in contact with sample gas
  • Multiple range capability; 5 selectable ranges are standard


  • Stack gas emissions and all other Environmental and process applications
  • Air and gas scrubber efficiency
  • Process chemical gas analysis
  • Personnel safety
  • Solvent recovery
  • Catalytic converter and thermal combustor testing
  • Automotive and engine emissions
  • Fence line (perimeter) monitoring

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