The W-606 heated FID analyzer continuously measures Total Hydrocarbon THC/TVOC concentrations from low to high ppm values in either steam or water. Can be mounted horizontally in a rack, on a wall or instrument panel. It is a fully heated FID analyzer designed to easily fit into a NEMA 4 Enclosure or to be integrated into a “Z” Purged enclosure to be operated in classified areas with explosion risk.

The Model W-606 uses a hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID) in a heated oven to prevent the loss of high molecular weight hydrocarbons and to provide reliable performance in the analysis of trace level of contaminants in high purity gases, air and other gases. All sample wetted components are integrated into the heated chamber. Separate inlet fittings for zero and calibration gas.
While the W-606 gets its sample by controlled steam pressure with a maximum flow of 3 liters per minute, or by an external water pump with a controlled maximum flow of approx. 3 liters per minute. Internally in the heated analyzer oven the sample is extracted from the open bypass via the sample split assembly by the internal sample pump. A small amount of this sample is split off from the second bypass which is precisely pressure controlled to guarantee a small amount of a few cubic centimeters of sample through the sample capillary into the FID detector.
The W-606 is equipped with our proprietary built in combustion air supply which significantly reduces maintenance and overall operating cost. No synthetic cylinder air needed!


  • Made in Germany
  • Couple directly to the hot steam sample outlet of any hot steam outlet which allows the steam to be pushed through the heated sample transfer line trough the analyzer
  • Have a water pump extract water sample continuously from the water source to be pushed through the heated sample transfer line trough the analyzer
  • All components in contact with sample are fully heated and controlled
  • at 190°C, the standard transfer line is heated to 180°C.
  • Heated Sample line is mounted inside of the heated oven; No cold spot
  • Built-In sample pump
  • Built-in combustion air supply, no extra burner air bottle needed
  • Permanent 2 micron stainless mesh sample filter in sample splitter
  • “Overflow” calibration system for safe zero and span calibration
  • Automatic flame out control with alarm and optional fuel shut off valve
  • Fast response less than 8 seconds from entering the transfer line
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Very selective to hydrocarbons
  • Microprocessor type temperature controller
  • Remote control for sample, zero gas, span gas is standard
  • Automatic or remote range change optional


  • THC/VOC in hot steam
  • THC/VOC in water

The W-606 THC/TVOC in Steam or Water Analyzer

The W-606 THC/TVOC in Steam or Water Analyzer

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