THE Mobile Stack Testing Solution; All you need is the VE-112, a stack prob e without filter, a heated sample line, a sample cooler and your required selection of self extracting analyzers (CO, CO2, NO/NOX, SO2, O2, or others.
The PreFilter® VE-112 is an ideal interface and sample filter to provide sample from one source via heated sample train to up to five (5) self extracting gas

The VE-112 is a highly efficient, all heated and low pressure drop filter for removing solids from a gaseous sample. The Model VE 112 utilizes an all stainless steel 2 micron large surface mesh filter to be back-purged with dry compressed air or nitrogen. Heated to 190°C to prevent the loss of high condensing hydrocarbons or water.
When the sample filter is back-purged, at the same time the heated sample line and probe are fully purged too.


  • Made in Germany
  • The VE 112 is the ideal solution to be used as the main supply module in a multi component Continuous Emissions Monitoring system (CEM).
  • Only one heated sample line from the source is needed to provide sample for many other emissions analyzers, all at ambient pressure conditions.
  • One sample inlet with the capability to couple the heated sample line inside the heated oven. Absolutely no cold spot.
  • One major FID sample outlet with the capability to couple the heated sample line inside the heated oven. Absolutely no cold spot.
  • Four additional heated sample outlets for other gas analyzers for example CO, CO2, No/Nox, SO2, O2, or others.
  • All sample wetted components and parts are housed inside the heated oven chamber
  • Oven temperature digitally controlled at 90°C (374°F)
  • Permanent heated stainless steel sample filter, 2 μm mesh, large surface
  • Sample filter back-purge system allows sample filter to be cleaned without dismantling
  • At any time when the sample filter is cleaned, the sample line and sample probe are always cleaned too.
  • Programmable automatic sample filter back-purge system optional
  • Remote control for all valve operations as sample, calibrate and sample filter back-purge is standard
  • Integrated heated sample pump
  • Microprocessor PID type temperature controller for FID oven


  • The VE 112 is a Complete Sample Interface Solution for continuous stack gas emissions monitoring systems with one THC monitor, one sample conditioner with all NDIR monitors and up to four additional or sensors
  • Stationary or transportable CEM’s for stack gas analysis
  • Diesel or Gasoline raw exhaust analysis and Stationary diesel engines exhaust analysis
  • Removing particles from a gaseous sample where condensation of heavy hydrocarbons is not desirable

Heated Sample Filter and Sample Interface Heated PreFilter® VE 112

Heated Sample Interface PreFilter VE112

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