35 Years of Continued Excellence in High Speed Automatic Inline Leak Testing for Filled Aerosol Can Leak Testing

Bautz Engineering’s AeroFid® family of Micro Leak Detection Systems for filled aerosol cans offers over 35 years of proven, very reliable, economical and practical solution to achieve immediate production savings and improved safety and quality by eliminating bubble detectors and water bath operators. In addition, the complementary water bath test method with partially submersed cans generates accurate data to be easily and consistently gathered as an integral part of a quality management system like ISO 9000 or similar to force improvements in quality and the supply chain.

The AeroFid°leak detectors are using the by far smallest footprint in the industry for high speed aerosol can micro leak detectors. No external control console is needed. All controls ans displays in eye height on machine front. This compact, „over the conveyor“ machine houses the high speed leak sensor, control panel with touch screen display and air generator. Our long standing, fast responding Model JUM 22B hydrocarbon propellant sensor automatically extracts one sample at a time from the head, crimp and valve area of each individual aerosol can. Jam controlled by a star wheel or feed worm, the cans freely scroll through sensing area. Immediately after a leak was detected, the faulty can is rejected from the conveyor. For speeds up to 100 cans per minute (CPM), per minute our AeroFid®60 should be considered, above 100 CPM our AeroFid®200 or AeroFid®500 should be considered. The AeroFid®500 space requirement is only slightly more than for all other machines.

Looking for micro leaks as specified in recent UN/FEA regulations can become very difficult when the bubble detection method in a conventional hot water bath is used. Water bath alternatives in line with UN ADR requirements like the AeroFid° line of leak detection systems are the ideal solution.

Model AeroFid® 100 Automatic Aerosol Can Leak Detector AeroFid Family of Automatic Leak Detector for filled Aerosol Cans Aerosol Can Leak Detector Eliminates Traditional Hot Water Bath Testing.


  • All our leak testers comply with ADR 2007 and higher, with recent European EN 60079 Aerosol Directive and with United Nations Standard UN/SCETDG/INF.93
  • Unusually long maintenance intervals; 12 months in average
  • No sample air filter change; Automatic filter back purge is performed after every detected leak
  • No problems with fogging mirrors; Windows, gates and reflectors as used spectrometer detectors. No problems with with faulty or contaminated head chamber seals or sensor heads as used in pressure testing machines
  • Free scrolling cans safely pass the probe section which is automatically back purge
  • The user defines if the maintenance free sensing sensing barrier should be calibrated once every year or once every day. One daily zero check. Machine completely calibrates in less than 10 minutes
  • Very low running cost, only a small fraction compared to hot water bath testing
  • Environmentally safe, no polluted water or air, very low electric energy consumption
  • Standard capacity from 60 up to 300 cans per minute. High speed versions available to test up to 500 cans per minute
  • Height adjustable for all available can heights
  • Based on a time proven high speed detector technology which we use for over 35 years in leak detection for filled aerosol cans
  • No hassle with time consuming multi-head calibration
  • Quality control and assurance; The production records and calibration records are automatically stored and are printable via USB port, including calibration report
  • Smallest over all foot print industry wide, fits into virtually any conveyor line. Space requirement less than 1 m2, no control console needed
  • Highly reliable, low cost of investment and ownership, easy to operate, low maintenance
  • Detect micro leaks at room temperature. No heat or vacuum needed

AeroFid® 100 Automatic Aerosol Can Leak Detector

Aerosol Can Leak Testing

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