The Model 109A is a Heated Non Methane Hydrocarbon FID Analyzer thousandfold used throughout industrial environmental and stack emissions applications as well in ambient air and indoor air concentration measurements. Manufactured since 1989 this analyzer this heated dual FID analyzer continuously and simultaneously measures the Methane, Total Hydrocarbon and Non Methane Hydrocarbon concentration a gaseous sample in air and other gases like industrial vents, internal combustion engines, stack gases or any other emission containing source. The 109A fully complies with EN 25140:2010. Also complies with US-EPA Method 25A and Method 503.

The 109/OVE
is a 100% identical version at a 20% lower cost due to the use of a disposable sample filter in the heated oven. With this exception the 109/OVE is a 100% identical analyzer.


  • Made in Germany
  • All critical components including pumps, sample filters, detectors and main electronics manufactured in house
  • Dual detector/ dual electrometer design
  • Fully heated to 190 degree C
  • Equipped with zero and span gas inlets to be selected from internal selector or from remote sources. Auto cal check optional
  • Typical sensitivity 0.01 ppm CH4
  • 21/2 digit LED display. Optional 6 digit direct concentration display to read up to 3 decade ranges without range change
  • Internal sample pump and air pump
  • Internal combustion air supply (No external air cylinder needed)
  • Very low fuel consumption
  • Automatic ignite capability (optional)
  • Automatic flame out alarm contact and fuel shut off
  • Sample pressure regulator not in contact with sample gas
  • Multiple range capability, 5 selectable ranges are standard
  • 19″ rack mount unit, 221 mm high


  • Optimization of natural gas fired baking ovens and other furnaces
  • Gas purifying system monitoring
  • Stack gases (CEM) and all other Environmental and process applications
  • Air and gas scrubber efficiency
  • Process chemical gas analysis
  • Industrial type baking oven optimization
  • Catalytic converter and thermal combustion testing
  • Automotive catalyst and engine emissions