The HFID Model H100

The HFID Model H100 is a compact heated FID analyzer for high purity hydrogen applications. The H100 measures low trace total hydrocarbon concentration in Hydrogen. For fastest response and highest accuracy except the pressure regulator all components in contact with sample are housed in a 190 deg Celsius heated oven. The Model H100 is ideally suited for the detection of very low traces of hydrocarbons in pressurized high purity Hydrogen gasses. H100 may also be well suited for the integration in low concentration Hydrogen online inspection systems.

The Model H100 uses our hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID) in a heated oven to prevent the loss of high molecular weight hydrocarbons and to provide long term stability and reliable performance in the analysis of low trace concentration levels of hydrocarbon contaminants in high purity Hydrogen.


  • Heated oven FID, low priced, very economical
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Conventional sample back pressure regulator (BPR)
  • 19-inch slim line design, 132mm high
  • Automatic flame out indicator with automatic fuel shut off valve
  • Fast response
  • Low fuel and air consumption
  • Very selective
  • All heated components in oven, except BPR
  • Microprocessor PID temperature controller


  • Detection of low trace hydrocarbon levels in high purity Hydrogen Gas
  • Online inspection of high purity Hydrogen plumbing systems as used in the semiconductor industry
  • Online monitoring on loading terminals for hydrocarbon contamination in Hydrogen