The Model 3-300A was designed in the early 80’s as a space saving alternative to our many thousand fold VE7. The 3-300A was a also “first” in the industry due to its sample filter back purge feature. It is also a very much liked 19″ rack mount heated FID throughout the stack testing community and well known for its ruggedness, forgiveness and long standing accuracy and sensitivity. The 3-300A is fully identical to the VE7 and 3-200 and has been officially approved for that.

TÜV confirmed to fully comply with QAL 1 (EN 14 181 and EN ISO 14956) and EN12619 regulations. They also fully complies with USEPA Method 25A and Method 503.

The 3-300/OVE
is a 100% identical version at 20% lower cost due to the use of a disposable sample filter in the heated oven. With this exception the 3-300/OVE is a 100% identical analyzer.


  • Maintenance free sample filter back purge system allows filter to be cleaned without dismantling (automatic optional)
  • Built in burner air generator, no external air cylinder needed
  • All components in contact with sample fully heated and controlled at 190 degree C
  • Built-in sample pressure and sample pumps
  • Automatic flame out alarm and contact
  • Fast response within 1 second
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Very selective
  • Microprocessor controlled PID temperature controller
  • Remote control for sample, calibrate and back purge is standard
  • Remote or automatic range change optional


  • Stack gas hydrocarbon emissions monitoring
  • Fence line monitoring
  • Raw exhaust vehicle emissions analysis
  • Catalytic converter testing
  • Measuring engine combustion efficiency
  • Hydrocarbon contamination monitoring in air and other gases
  • Carbon adsorption regeneration control
  • Detection of trace hydrocarbons in purity gases used in the semi conductor industry
  • LEL monitor of solvent laden air

The Model 3-300A

The Model 3-300A

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