J.U.M.’s External Non Methane Hydrocarbon Cutter allows the added capability to measure alternately only METHANE or THC with just one heated total hydrocarbon analyzer (HFID). Sample can be from ambient air, indoor air or from stack or other industrial emission sources.

The model 900 Complies with EN ISO 25140:2010 (EU) ISO 25140:2010 and VDI 3481 (DE). The catalyst efficiency from Methane to Propane and higher is >99%. The catalyst efficiency from Methane to Ethane is 90 to 95%, The maximum inlet concentration of Propane equivalent total hydrocarbons is 1000 ppm.


  • Made in Germany
  • All components in contact with sample stainless steel fully heated and accurately
  • controlled at reaction temperature
  • Standard, permanent installed 2μ sample filter to be cleaned by back purge


  • hydrocarbon free compressed air or nitrogen
  • Calibration valves for span calibration. Standard manual switch and remote operation, e.g. PLC or PC
  • Fast response


  • Stack gas hydrocarbon emissions monitoring @ moderate sampling conditions
  • European and USA-EPA Method compliance monitoring
  • Ambient air monitoring of NMHC concentrations
  • Indoor air monitoring of NMHC concentrations

External NMHC Model 900

External NMHC Model 900

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J.U.M. Engineering has been manufacturing fast responding, high quality heated total hydrocarbon FID analyzers and non methane hydrocarbon FID gas analyzers for industrial, environmental, stack testing, OEM, aeronautic, research and medical applications since 1973.

J.U.M. worldwide

J.U.M. worldwide


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